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Pitbulls for Police

Our idea is simple: all types of dogs have the potential to serve our communities. Traditionally, only purebreds from a few select breeds like German shepherds, Belgian malinois, and labradors have been used for police work. But there are plenty of mixed breed dogs sitting in shelters, waiting to be euthanized, with the same potential to detect, track, and protect as purebreds.

And here’s the kicker: A purebred from Europe usually costs police departments between $15,000 and $20,000 to purchase and train. Supported by grants and donations from dog lovers everywhere, Universal K9 adopts shelter dogs at high risk of euthanization, trains them, and places them with police departments FOR FREE.

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Dog Shelter Destroyed By Lava

Residents of Leilani Estates, Malamala k-9 was forced to relocate with 13 dogs of various sizes and handicaps due to the impending lava. As of now all 13 dogs and 4 people are living in a old goat incloser in nothing but tarps and tents. This fund is for the dogs food, shelter, medicine and other daily needs.


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Help fight Animal Cruelty in Barbados

Hello, My name is Nasim Uddin, I am a Bajan/Barbadian national and also a UK citizen via naturalisation. I am also a graduate of the London School of Economics in the field of law and political science. My home nation of Barbados has been recently plagued by serious cruelties towards dog; Pit bulls in particular. Some evil nationals of Barbados are operating Pit bull fighting rings and use these beautiful animals solely for the purpose of financial gain. These animals are often discarded or simply left on the street after they have been used for this cruel exercise. Thus, the purpose of my campaign is to help these dogs. I am a representative of the Ark Animal Welfare Society, Barbados which is a non-profit animal welfare charity – entirely reliant on donations and fundraising events. I have been tasked with the specific duty of raising funds for these abused Pit bulls. The Ark Animal Welfare Society, Barbados uses donated funds to house and care for these dogs and also to help find new homes when possible, however sometimes this is quite difficult as these animals have been subject to and breed into violence from a young age. We currently have 18 Pit Bulls being housed at our facility all of which were rescued from the streets or obtained via the grant of legal custody by the police.

  • – Dog chow and canned dog food
  • – Bedding (towels, old sheets, blankets etc)
  • – Collars and Leads
  • – Dog Treats